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Keeping homeowners in compliance with a community’s rules and regulations is not a neighborly job. Our Compliance Tracking level of service keeps the board of directors buffered from the nasty task of telling your friend and neighbor that they left their garbage can out or their barking dog is keeping everyone up all night.

Let our experienced professionals get their hands dirty so that you can get a good night’s sleep. Additionally, you will have access to our powerful online management solution — including a community website portal — designed for homeowner boards and residents of Condominium, Townhome and Single Family Home Communities.

Working to Protect Your Investment with Positive Enforcement

A. Standard Violation (parking, weeds, trash can)

  • First letter is sent to owner. This informs the owner of the violation and may cite the section of the CC&Rs pertaining to the violation. A time frame is giv- en for compliance.
  • The response from this type of notification has been very favorable, with 95% of the owners correcting the violation.

B. Compliance Date Passes

  • A second, stronger notice is sent. In this notice the owner is advised that if the violation is not corrected within a newly defined completion date, a fine will be imposed under the Association’s adopted enforcement policy or the violation will be sent to an attorney with all cost added to the owner’s account.
  • If a fine is to be imposed, the owner is informed of their ability to a hearing and the hearing provisions are outlined.

C. Reporting a Violation to the Management Office

  • When reporting a violation, the caller must leave his/her name and phone number for the Association Manager.
  • A letter to the Management office should be signed. We also accept and use email for communication as long as the email identifies the sender.
  • PMG makes every effort to return phone calls and emails normally on the same day or at least within 24 hours, unless of course it is a weekend.


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